How Much Do I Need

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?


Brenda: Everybody’s situation is different and that is why we ask the questions we do.  We want to know what they have going on.  If it is a family and there is children and college educations and mortgages, we want to make sure if an income is lost, that the surviving spouse and children would be okay.

Vince: Um hum.

Brenda: So we’re going to guide them through the process giving them an idea of what they should have. And then we work to find the way to accomplish that.

Vince: Okay so it’s not a cookie cutter approach where everybody gets the same amount of insurance?

Brenda: Absolutely not.

Vince: No.

Brenda: Everybody’s needs and everybody’s conditions are different.

Vince: Right.

Brenda: So you have to learn about them and learn what’s important and what will fit.

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