Raising a Family

Life Stories: Raising a Family


Jen: She’s finally asleep!

Tom: Nothing like a long walk around the neighborhood to settle her down.

Jen: Our life has changed since Molly came into it.

Tom: There’s so much more to enjoy. And to protect.   So when we bought our house and started a family, we called Amica Life.

Jen: We actually called them five years ago when we first got married. But as our responsibilities grew, we knew our Life Insurance had to grow too.

Tom: We both contribute to our household, and if anything happened to one of us, we want to make sure the other could handle everything on their own.

Jen: So now we sleep better

Tom: Well, not all of us.

CSR: If your family is growing, it’s a good time to think about increasing your life insurance coverage. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Financial planners often suggest life insurance coverage that’s at least 7 to 10 times your income. You should reevaluate your insurance whenever you experience a significant life event – like a new house, or a new baby. It is important that your life insurance coverage keeps pace with the changes in your life. Whatever coverage you choose, it should meet your unique needs – whether you’re a working or stay-at-home parent, you should have life insurance to help cover expenses like childcare.

Every situation is different, so give Amica Life a call. One of our representatives will work with you to find coverage that fits your needs and your budget.

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