Raising a Family

The Need for Life Insurance: Blended Family


Vince: I also want to congratulate you on recently getting married.

Joelle: Oh thank you.

Vince: Congratulations.

Joelle: Thanks.

Vince: And now you have a blended family.

Joelle: We do.

Vince: Which is very, very common nowadays.

Joelle: Yes.

Vince: Can you speak to that and the need for life insurance?

Joelle: Yes. I can. My husband had life insurance before we got married. Right after we got married, we bought a new house together so we moved out of our houses and you know we bought a new house. And I told him I wouldn’t sign anything until he got more life insurance because there is no way if something God forbid happened to him that I was getting stuck with you know the mortgage and having to move and do all that stuff so it was funny because he is like I have life insurance, I have plenty of life insurance. And he didn’t. You know he didn’t when you look at his income and the fact that we have five kids together. You know there is just a lot going on and there is a lot of responsibility there and I would need more, so he got another policy.

Vince: So you convinced him?

Joelle: I did.

Vince: Good for you.

Joelle: Yup. We talked about it and I explained why and went over all the details and so we made it work.

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