Welcoming a Child

The Need for Life Insurance: Welcoming a Child


Edward: Children for the first 18 years usually they are in your home looking for you for total support.

Vince: Right.

Edward: If you were to pass again to use that term, what would your children do?

Vince: Right.

Edward: Say my wife didn’t work. She worked from home. She is a stay-at-home mom. We have two children. If I were to die tomorrow, can she survive for another ten years with the kids? Maybe, maybe we have planned for that. Most people haven’t planned accordingly.

Vince: Um hum.

Edward: If you have life insurance in place, it’s peace of mind. Hopefully I’m not going to die anytime soon. If I were to die, my income that I generate on a yearly basis is replaced through that insurance protection.

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